Live More RJ - Accord Lighting

Live More RJ

Project: Live More RJ

Localization: Rio de Janeiro

Copyright: Marlon de Abreu Silva

Professionals: Clarissa Sardenberg

Female Bathroom A very visible trend in @morarmaisrio was the urban jungle or it can also be called a vertical garden, where the proposal is to bring nature into the environment, providing well-being. This new decorating design can be a green wall, or trees in large pots, small pot points with vegetation, groups of succulents or even objects that refer to foliage patterns. The starting point for having an urban jungle at home is to study the place you want to install, looking to see if the conditions of the place match what the plants need. Airy space with good lighting is essential. Choosing specials that suit the climate of the environment, it is also important to always have good maintenance. Or another choice would be artificial plants, green leaves that transmit the air of being natural but are artificial. Which are more practical, apparently natural, but made of plastic and with a very satisfactory effect on the project.